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Annual Membership is from 1 JANUARY to 31 DECEMBER. For information about pro-rata fees, if joining after 30 June, please contact the Secretary, Georgina Cridge, E: secretarycornerinlet@gmail.com

All Riding Members, including "come and try" riders, must have registered with PonyClub Australia before they ride at a Rally or Club Event. All adults attending Club activities as a non-rider for more than 3 rallies must register as a Club Supporter (supporter membership is free). To register, go to the Pony Club Australia JustGo website to view membership categories and annual fees.


Before deciding to join, you can attend up to 3 "come and try" rallies for just $30 per rally. Just sign up as a "come and try" member for a year, via the Pony Club Australia JustGo website, select Corner Inlet Pony Club in your profile, then book in to attend a CIPC rally by 5pm on the Thursday prior. See dates of rallies and more detailed rules, times and attendance requirements here.


Current Riding Members and Supporters must have an up to date profile on the Pony Club Australia website before participating in or attending Events or Rallies in a new season.


The safety of our riding members is paramount. See more detail about our safety facilities and practises here. Please also review and understand the Pony Club Australia Child Safeguarding Policy.

Parents and Supporter Members attending rallies must also have an up to date Working With Children Check. It is quick to do via the web at http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/